Literal Thinking

Real stories of workplace follies

Literally speaking

Posted by A Friend on 9 January 2009

We are launching this blog to present real stories of workplace follies. It is not our intention to name and shame. If some of the stories we present might strike you as too close to home, please consider that it is most likely merely circumstantial. After all, quite a good number of us are repeat offenders of the same workplace mistakes.

We will also be presenting some higher profile stories, often about easily recognizable business circle names, mainly sourced from the news. In such cases, we will only be restating (perhaps with some editorializing) what will already be publicly available information, so we will feel no shame in naming the organizations and individuals concerned.

The name of the blog represents what we believe is one of the most common reasons why even the most well-meaning people fail at work: a dogmatic adherence to accepted or learned business practice, without fully understanding or appreciating the principles behind these.

Finally, we may occasionally waffle on about the mundane and the irrelevant (like what we are doing now). We can only ask for your indulgence, even as we promise to keep the waffling to a minimum.


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  1. […] it’s the license we give ourselves to go a bit off-topic every once in a while. We did promise in our very first post that we’ll “keep the waffling to a minimum”, so readers can expect the waffling to just only […]

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