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Blog carnivals

Posted by A Friend on 12 March 2009

Carnival Blog carnivals are blogging communities that regularly collect blog articles about a particular topic and publish magazine style blog posts that include links to all the collected blog postings. Each carnival edition is written and edited by a volunteer blogger. Some carnivals are maintained by just one or a few bloggers while others, in true carnival fashion, move from one blog to another per edition. Each blog carnival has its own publication frequency: some are published as often as once a week, but most have monthly editions.

Hosting an edition of a blog carnival is good for the volunteer blogger, if they have the time and inclination to do so. Bloggers recognize the effort required to produce just one edition of a blog carnival, so the host blogger generally gets a lot of goodwill from blogger contributors. Some contributors whose articles are included in the carnival may also write posts in their own blog about it, so the host blogger can potentially get a lot of visitors directed from other related blogs; and some of these visitors can become regulars.

For a blogger contributor, blog carnivals are a great way to get exposure into a wider audience; so a lot of bloggers are regular, enthusiastic contributors to blog carnivals. Hosts of more established carnivals would also generally be bloggers with an already established following, so click through traffic is almost guaranteed.

Take our blog for example. We have a very young blog, and we consciously decided that submitting articles to blog carnivals would be a great way for us to get our name out there. So far, we have two blog posts published in carnival editions: our post on personal responsibility was included in the February edition of the leadership development carnival, and our post on project signoff points was included in the 25th edition of the carnival of project management. These two posts currently have the highest individual page views in our blog.

But most importantly, blog carnivals are great for blog readers. Each edition of a blog carnival is generally a collection of the best individual blog posts on a particular topic. This is so because it is in the interest of blogger contributors to only submit their very best work, as this will often be the basis for the initial impression of first time visitors to their blog (not to mention that blog carnival editors generally only allow one contribution per blogger per edition). So the reader is virtually guaranteed of a good online yarn on their favorite topic!

To end this post, below are some active blog carnivals that you might be interested in:

    Carnival of Personal Development – blog carnival related to personal development, personal finance, and personal health
    Carnival of Project Management – blog carnival focused on program and project management
    Carnival of the Vanities – this blog carnival claims that no topic is off-topic, but only “superior posts” are accepted
    Carnival of Trust – blog carnival that broadly tackles “trust” as a principle in business and politics, among others
    Corporate Vigilance – blog carnival that spotlights the rights and the wrongs of the corporate world
    Customer Service Carnivale – blog carnival dedicated to helping business people become more aware of the importance of customer service
    Leadership Development Carnival – blog carnival related to leadership, management, executive development, coaching, human resources, succession planning, and organizational development
    Personal Power – blog carnival related to personal power, self development, motivation, and self improvement

We based the list on various search terms some of our visitors used to get to our blog, so we hope that you find at least some of them useful.


One Response to “Blog carnivals”

  1. Eric said

    Blog carnivals really are a great asset, especially to those with younger blogs. It can sometimes be difficult getting those first few linkbacks. Nice article.

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