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9 model business blogs

Posted by A Friend on 9 April 2009

Model Samples Following on from our post on pretend online gurus, we thought it might be good to present our readers with a few examples of what we believe are model business blogs. For blog readers looking for value, these can be looked at as benchmarks of what to look for in monetized blogs. For business bloggers looking to monetize their blogs, these can serve as standards to aspire to.

Two common themes you will find from the samples: (1) these bloggers appear to have already established reputations in their offline lives and their blogs just serve as extension channels; and (2) they provide a lot of free, useful content for their readers. We also deliberately picked blog authors who provide at least some content downloads without the opt-in requirement to their mailing lists or newsletters.

Chris Anderson
Tom Asacker
Seth Godin
Scott Ginsberg
John Moore
Tom Peters
David Meerman Scott
Rajesh Setty

    Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur and author, and blogger. Of the bloggers that we have listed here, he is our favorite. For no reason other than his messages resonate to us the most. Rajesh provides a lot of freely downloadable resources, including his book, “Beyond Code”, in its entirety.

Bob Sutton

There are other notable business blogs and bloggers out there. Our purpose of citing the above nine is not so much to provide a definitive list, but to present a starting point, and perhaps a benchmark. And of course, if there is a business blog or blogger you have a particularly high regard for, please leave a comment and let us know.


One Response to “9 model business blogs”

  1. Thanks for this list. Looks like great information. We have included your site on our new leadership blog… check it out.

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